About Us

Welcome to Canadian Filmology, a blog committed to untangling the webs of the Canadian film industry.

Canadian Filmology was created to be an open and convenient platform for Canadian film enthusiasts in terms of information, endless resources, and access to a network and community of like-minded individuals.

We discuss everything you wanted to learn at school but couldn’t. Our team consists of professionals passionate about Canada’s film industry and eager to share their acquired knowledge with fellow film enthusiasts and anyone else that cares to listen!

Random Facts about our Founding Editor!

  • As a child, my heart was captured by the mystery and beauty of films. I even took film-related extra-curricular activities in elementary school.
  • I am quite fluent in French and English, and I love reading!
  • What is my preferred genre? Historical romance and mysteries, especially those with a little bit of magic!
  • I love traveling and solving mysteries, but then again, who doesn’t?
  • In my free time, I laugh, love, and write.

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