1. Sonya Ballantyne (@Honey_Child), Filmmaker

My best Canadian movie of the Decade is Goon. It was not an easy choice because there were several good choices like Rebelle (Kim Nguyen, 2012), Birth of a Family (Tasha Hubbard, 2017), and Grave Encounters (The Vicious Brothers, 2011).

However, my heart was set on Goon because it is funny, bloody, and crass. For me, Canadian movies have always been boring. Still, Goon has a certain vulgarity to it that we can all enjoy.

2. Bill Chambers (@FlmFrkCentral). Editor, Film Freak Central

Resurrecting Hassan by Carlo Guillermo Proto and Blackbird by Jason Buxton are my best Canadian films of the last ten years. Resurrecting Hassan is about a Family of 4; a blind Father (Dennis), a mother (Peggy) and daughter (Lauviah), and a dead son (Hassan).

The family works cohesively in managing daily tasks. Until their son Hassan’s death causes a rift in their relationship, the mother seeks comfort away from her husband, and the daughter was feeling isolated.

While trying to fix their breaking home, Peggy and Dennis stumble upon a Russian faith healer’s teachings that lead them to believe that Hassan can be resurrected.

Blackbird follows a shy gothic boy, Sean, against the prevailing sports culture in his school and home. This movie is enthralling, and its storyline will keep you hooked!

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