Solstice Studios Are Releasing a New Cut of the Mark Wahlberg Award Contender “Joe Bell.”

Solstice Studios will be releasing a new cut of the Mark Wahlberg Award Contender with the new title “Joe bell.” The release date is February 19, 2021, just in time for an award nomination.

Wahlberg’s story is that of a man walking through the country and talking about bullying after other students bully his gay son. It was directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, while the cast was comprised of Reid Miller, Connie Brighton, and Gary Sinise.

The President and CEO of Solstice Studios, Mark Gill, said that although the version of the movie screened in Toronto showed some promise, doing some extra work with Mark Wahlberg and the moviemakers took the film to a whole new level.

Wahlberg also shared about how important and personal the story is to him, explaining that he understands the changes that fatherhood can elicit in a man as a father himself.

It’s a story of how a man, against all odds, goes on a mission to give a message of acceptance to families. It demonstrates how small steps can make a significant difference in the lives of people that need love and acceptance.

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